Compost is OPEN for the season.
Bring us your scraps!

Community Compost

Altgeld Sawyer Corner Farm accepts compostable scraps during our Wednesday Community Nights. Compost is open May through October, 6PM ‘til sundown.

We ask that neighbors respect the Wednesday drop off time, as our compost space is limited and we need our volunteers to accept and sort scraps for composting. No dumping—thanks!

Our composters turn your food scraps into soil used to improve beds at the garden, increasing our yields and the amount of food we can give to Christopher House’s food pantry.

Compost with Us

Bring these:

Fruit and vegetable scraps

Fallen leaves (dry)

Coffee grounds (including filters)

Straw and hay (dry)

Young weeds (without seeds)

Grass clippings (fresh or dried)

Sawdust (untreated and dry)

We can't accept:

Cooked food of any kind

Meat, fish, bones, or animal parts

Grains, breads, or beans

Dairy products

Grease or fat

Animal waste or feces

We recognize that it is possible to compost many of the "no's" on this list, but we choose not to incorporate these in an effort to reduce smells and pests out of respect for our neighbors, as well as keep the nutrients that fertilize our plants healthy for people to eat.

Pro Tip: Collect your fruit and veggies scraps in a bag in the freezer. Prevents slimy veggies and gross smells—plus freezing helps the food begin its breakdown process.

Have your own compost system at home and having some trouble? Check out our compost troubleshooting guide for some tips!