We’re always looking for new volunteers! We recruit farmers in early spring for the upcoming season, but you can plug in any time.

For groups interested in volunteering, email us at cornerfarmchicago@gmail.com.

Month at a Glance

This is what a typical month at the farm looks like during our growing season, from May to October. If you want to drop by and talk to our farmers, the best times to find us are Wednesdays at Community Night and Saturdays during Workdays – come say hi!

Month at a Glance

Saturdays, 10AM - 1PM
Every other Saturday, farmers tend team beds and tackle bigger projects at the farm.

Community Nights

Wednesdays, 6PM - Sunset
A weeknight gathering for light gardening work and community compost collection.

Team Week

Rotating, 1 week/month
Each team is responsible for watering the garden and running compost at Community Night during one week each month.

Christopher House

Tuesday mornings
Students join farmers to learn about what's growing at the farm and harvest vegetables for the families at Christopher House.

Volunteer Roles

You can sign up for more than one area – lots of volunteers are on team and also contribute in other ways.

Do you have an idea for a project or role you don’t see listed here? Let us know!

Team Members

Altgeld Sawyer is divided into four teams of 8-10 farmers. As a team member, you will work with your team to plant, water, and tend to your team’s group of ~8 vegetable beds. Teams also support general farm activities and maintenance.


Plant and tend vegetables in team beds, support general farm activities (repair beds, mulching, etc)

Team Week

Water all beds in the garden, run Community Night and compost

Community Nights

Accept and sort compost, perform minor tasks such as pruning, pest control, or trellising

Team Lead

Each team has a team lead, who is responsible for coordinating team activities. They act as a point of contact for their teams and help the garden run smoothly.

Team Rep

Serve as point person for the team, communicate and plan with other team leads and farm coordinators

Team Week

Coordinate the team's activities during team work week to make sure the farm is tended and watered.

Planning Meetings

Attend monthly farm meetings to share updates from the team and plan for the upcoming month

Christopher House

Our partnership with Christopher House is core to Corner Farm’s mission. A good fit for volunteers who are interested in working with youth and have daytime availability.


Harvest fruits and vegetables from the beds with the kids and staff from Christopher House

Work with Kids

Collaborate with Christopher House teachers and the Kids' Table program to guide play and education opportunities in the garden

Events & Community Outreach

Help Corner Farm build community partnerships and put on public events.

Community Outreach

Serve as a liaison for local groups like Logan Square Neighborhood Association, Dill Pickle Co-op, and others


Support events like the farm’s annual fundraiser, farmer orientations, garden workshops, and whatever else you want to create

Planning Meetings

Attend monthly farm meetings to share updates and discuss new opportunities